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Equipserv UK partners with Human Focus to drive safe behaviours and reduce operational risk

Equipserv UK – the UK’s leading independent service, maintenance and repair provider for waste handling, recycling and backstage equipment, have partnered with Human Focus, a global leader in skilled behaviour change in the workplace.

Equipserv UK’s primary objective is to deliver a high standard of engineering to their customers by adopting best practice on equipment safety and operational performance.

Our partnership with Human Focus has been developed in order to improve the management of workplace related health, safety and operational risks.

According to Government health and safety statistics, nearly 700,000 people sustained injuries at work between 2019 and 2020 (over 65,000 reported to RIDDOR), with over 38 million days lost due to work-related illnesses and workplace injury. With more people working remotely as part of the fallout from Covid-19, it is essential that employers ensure their employees are aware of, and trained in, any health and safety issues that they may be exposed to.

The online learning management system delivers content learning and tracks user’s progress for a range of topics including business risk, health and safety, risk assessment forms, inspection forms, effective accident and incident reporting, and artificial intelligence aides to promote better decision making.

Human Focus’s online health and safety training system (https://humanfocus.co.uk) is used as part of the businesses induction process and the ongoing training and development of all our employees in respect of our risk management process.

“We are delighted to be working with Human Focus, who were chosen as they are widely recognised as being a market leader in the provision of skilled behaviour change interventions within the workplace.

Our people are our most important and valuable asset and we know that our employees have a tremendous impact on the quality of the products and services we deliver to our customers each day. This is why this partnership with Human Focus is essential to building skills and change habits that can reduce accidents, promote health & safety and improve quality.”

Chris Duckett – Commercial Director