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Skip, Recycling Units & Waste Container Inspection and Repair

Skip, Recycling Units & Waste Container Inspection and Repair

At Equipserv, our dedicated team of highly skilled mechanical engineers and coded welders provide a comprehensive range of services for containers, skips and recycling units. Including inspection, mechanical and fabrication, we cater to both on-site maintenance and repair tasks, as well as off-site major repairs as needed which include blast and paint facilities.

Bring your old bins back to life and sweat your asset with Equipserv inspection and repair programme. We can take a battered, tired, old container and return a container that meets latest legislation and looks almost new at a fraction of the cost of replacing with new!

Services include on and off site repairs dependant on the job. The first step is an assessment followed by a bespoke quotation.

Our services include:
1. Thorough Inspections
2. Structural Repairs
3. Welding Patches, locks and handles etc.
4. Replacing Rubber Door seals
5. Repairing / replace Door Bars and Locking Handles
6. Flooring Replacement
7. Blasting facilities
8. Repainting Services