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Product Services

Equipserv is driven by a single purpose, to help our clients operate their waste handling equipment at maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

Our unique business model lends itself to the provision of a number of products & service deliverables. By working on a diverse equipment portfolio it means that we have an impressive amount of experience and have the right systems, tools and support to meet the needs of those companies who wish to employ the most efficient service, maintenance and repair (SMR) processes and operations available.

Pressures on business have meant that many organisations look closely at the costs of non-core activities. Equipserv will work with you to see if any of these peripheral activities can be more efficiently undertaken to avoid tying up expensive internal resources.

Improving Performance

Our sophisticated SMR techniques have helped customers to benefit from:

  • Fewer breakdowns as a result of proactive detection of impending failure
  • Greater productivity through enhanced uptime
  • Reduced costs because of better planning and scheduling of maintenance, and confidence to extend maintenance intervals
  • Superior equipment performance by means of the rapid diagnosis of machine inefficiencies and faults
  • Prolonged machine life through optimised maintenance scheduling
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased safety through improved equipment integrity
  • Reduced or deferred capital expenditure through superior asset utilisation

Tailored Solutions

Flexibility is key to the success of third party relationships: Equipserv will not offer you a fixed set of solutions, but will address your specific needs and identify, through detailed analysis, which areas of your waste handling service, maintenance and repair (SMR) operations would benefit most from our product proposition and service deliverables.

Regardless of the industry sector, organisations strive to achieve operational excellence – the key to competitiveness. However, in today’s increasingly competitive and highly complex business environment, organisations are finding that they need to be experts in an ever-widening range of disciplines.

With the pace of change showing no signs of abating, and pressure to meets budgets and to deliver profits ever increasing, the need to focus on the core areas of the business has never been more imperative.

Equipserv’s expertise has proved to be easily transferable across a number of business sectors. For example, our technical modules on reliability and maintenance can be applied equally effectively in any process environment.

Delivering on-going benefits to your SMR operations

By engaging with your Senior Management and Key Personnel, we gain a thorough understanding of your business, your products and services, your customers, and your competitive environment. Using this knowledge, we are then able to deliver a tailored, cost-efficient proposal that bring real and ongoing benefits to your SMR operations as well as your bottom line.

Professional Implementation

Organisations need people that understand your requirements, people with the knowledge and expertise to improve your SMR processes, and people with the confidence and ability to make you more efficient and more competitive; in other words, you need a company with a proven track record in the focused delivery of service, maintenance & repair (SMR).

The people at Equipserv are our single most valuable resource. We have brought together one of the industry’s most capable and talented teams, which we constantly review so we can add value to our customers’ processes and operations.

These teams consist of dedicated account management to act as the key interface on all aspects of SMR – supported by engineering team in the provision of an engineering solution then delivered by experienced and skilled field based engineers

Specialist Approach

When non-core activities are side-lined in favour of investing in core business, systems can become less productive and momentum is slowed. The provision of a focused SMR process by an independent and dedicated business partner can provide the confidence and ability to devote more time and resources to strategic business management.

Equipserv has the experience and expertise you need to maximise efficiency in your business processes. We will review your business, research your requirements, determine your true SMR costs and identify those areas where the greatest savings and improvements can be made Our teams are experienced, knowledgeable and professional in the delivery of our product proposition and service deliverables.

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