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A full refurbishment for an Equipserv UK client


This machine had been with one of our clients since 2003, major components had started showing signs of age, resulting in breakdowns.

Machine breakdowns caused operational downtime and a backlog of waste build up within their facilities.

As a vital part of their operations, the customer needed a cost and time efficient way to refurbish the existing machine or replace with a machine already refurbished to ensure operations continue running smoothly on site.

Our client has many sites throughout the UK and there was an opportunity to remove an ageing machine from one site, fully refurbish and relocate to another site replacing a similar ageing machine. This way achieving minimal downtime as the loss would be limited to one day.

What we did:

  • A full assessment of the machine to be refurbished and proposed new site location
  • Removed all components from machine and ancillary equipment
  • Mainframe
    • Mainframe repairs completed
    • Replace all sections of corrosion with new steel plate
    • Loading aperture alterations completed for proposed new location
    • Paint preparation completed & fully repainted as per clients chosen colour of choice
  • Hydraulic
    • Hydraulic tank fully stripped & all filters, valves, pressure switches replaced
    • Hydraulic tank refurbished and filled with new grade 32 oil
    • New hydraulic hoses replaced throughout
    • New hydraulic tandem pump & drive couplings
    • Existing main cylinder fully refurbished
    • Existing ancillary cylinder fully refurbished
  • Electrical
    • Existing control panel fully refurbished with main switchgear replaced
    • All internal and external wiring replaced with new upgraded steel braided cable
    • Remote control station fully refurbished
    • Safety interlock switches replaced and positional limit switches replaced
    • Existing main motor fully refurbished
  • Mechanical movement
    • Compaction blade wear blocks replaced with new
    • Cylinder bushes replaced
    • All moving components lubricated
  • Machine fully tested and hydraulic pressures set in the factory prior to delivery to site.


The fully refurbished machine was completed in 15 workings, with an 8 hour swap out on the day of installation. The machine removed from site will now go through the same process for the next site that requires a replacement machine.

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