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Consider all the options before you replace your waste equipment.

At Equipserv UK we think it’s important that the word ‘refurbishment’ means exactly that, and not just a coat of paint that gives the appearance of a refurbishment without resolving the fundamental issues that brought about the decision to have the machine refurbished or replaced in the first place.

Every aspect of the machine is fully assessed, and to do this every item MUST be removed from the mainframe for full inspection, to either be repaired or replaced.

The areas of refurbishment are broken down into 4 areas:


The steel frame structure of the machine, compaction blade, hopper & covers


This includes the main power pack, ram cylinders and hydraulic hoses


All wiring, limit switches, sensors, magnet switches, main panel & remote stations

Mechanical Movement

Wear pads, blocks, strips, ram pins and bushes

Why refurbishment?

Every machine has a life expectancy and this is usually based on the following:

  • How much the machine is in use
  • What environment the machine is used in
  • What type of waste product / volumes are being put through the machine
  • Housekeeping and maintenance service schedules

For example, a machine in high use, with food waste product being put through will have a heavy impact on the life of the hydraulics, mechanical movement and mainframe of the machine. So with this in mind you may expect to replace the machine every 5 years, or maybe stretch to 10 years with regular servicing and housekeeping.

You may not be able to change the conditions surrounding the machines operation and therefore assume replacement of the machine is the best option.

In reality, refurbishing the existing machine through Equipserv could give exactly the same life expectancy as a new machine.

Why Equipserv UK?

We offer 3 different options of refurbishment level:

  • Included in every option we remove every component, every wire, every hose, every cover, every nut & bolt, right back to the bare mainframe steel shell of the machine.
  • Because we remove everything, this means every part of the steel mainframe is shot blasted and repainted. With everything removed it means nothing is required to be masked up, giving absolute full coverage of paint to all areas of the mainframe.
  • With every component removed and inspected we can give a full inspection and accurately assess condition, giving confidence of reliability when back in the field.

Refurbishment options

Basic refurbishment

This option is based on using as much of the existing components as possible to help reduce costs. All
items and components are removed, assessed and repaired or replaced where required.

NOTE: Some items that may not have been originally quoted for but are found under inspection and test to
be in need of urgent attention will be quoted for separately at the time of works.

Warranty of 3 months given on areas associated with the refurbishment.

Excludes items not replaced at time of refurbishment, but were seen to be in good order at time of works.

Excludes damage and operator error.

Standard refurbishment

Standard refurbishment is all of the above with the addition of ‘high usage’ parts replaced with new.

For example: New hydraulic pump and filters, new hydraulic hoses, new limit switches, new push buttons
on controls stations, new motor contactor relay & overload, new nylon wear pads / strips.

Warranty of 6 months given on areas associated with the refurbishment and parts replaced.

Excludes items not replaced at time of refurbishment, but were seen to be in good order at time of works.

Excludes damage and operator error.

Full refurbishment

This is basically like a new machine. The only items that survive are the steel mainframe, compaction
blade, hoppers and covers, which will be repaired where required before going off for shot blast and paint.

The hydraulic rams will undergo a full overhaul with test certificate.

All other components listed below are replaced with new to original manufacturer’s specification:

  • Main control panel
  • Remote stations
  • All internal / external wiring
  • All limit switches, sensors, magnet switches, safety interlocks
  • Main hydraulic power pack / tank / pump / motor
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • All mechanical movement items – Wear pads, strips, pins and bushes

Warranty of 12 months given on areas associated with the refurbishment and parts replaced.

Excludes damage and operator error.

Examples of works

Our latest refurbishment case study 

Below are a collection of photos from various sites showing machines that have been refurbished by Equipserv UK

  • Before works commence
  • Works in Equipserv factory
  • After refurbishment works complete

Large high street clothes company - distribution centre

National company with high volume (8 ton per day) of secure shredded paper

National wholesale supplier – Store waste compactor

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